2014 : The Year to Get it Together & Keep it Real.

Get it Together and Keep it Real

So, a new year is just hours away.  Although September signals a fresh start for me {I practically grew up in my Momma’s school} there’s something about the calendar turning to a brand spanking new year.

I’m not the resolution type.  Who really keeps them anyway.  I’d love to meet a person that made a resolution last year and kept it, every single day, in 2013.  So this year, I’m going with more of a mantra than a resolution.

2014 : The Year to Get it Together and Keep it Real.

Let’s be honest, none of us will ever have it all together.  It wouldn’t be natural.  When I say Get it Together I’m talking as much as possible without killing yourself.  We all need a day on the couch while baskets of laundry are screaming to be folded instead.  That is all part of getting it together.  Find the balance for what works for you in your life.  Maybe it means putting yourself on a schedule or maybe it means the exact opposite.  Whatever it is, Get it Together to make yourself a better you.  For you.  No one else.

I want to Get it Together to make myself healthier {which also means cooking more and relying on my OP boys less}, fold the laundry within 24 hours of it being done and make a focused business plan and vision for YDP.  Those aren’t resolutions for the record.

You can’t Get it Together for you, without keeping it real.  What together is for your best friend, coworker, awesome blogger on Instagram or the girl standing in line at Home Goods isn’t the same as what together is for you.  We all have different goals, visions and stresses on our plates.  So, Keep it Real, don’t compare yourself {I’m talking to myself on this one too.}.

2013 was a year for a humungus leap of faith.  The standing on the high dive jumping into the deep end sort of leap of faith.  Heck, this time last year, YDP didn’t even exist.  Now, my little baby Online Shop is just four and a half months old and still growing and evolving.  I have to stop being intimidated by the successful planner and stationery designers and start to be inspired by them.  They didn’t snap their fingers and become a hit.  So, whatever it is you’re comparing yourself to, stop it.  Don’t compare, be inspired and work on being you.

You’ll see more Becka this year.  More crafty, decorating, organizing randomness along with growing the Online Shop.

Are you with me on this?  I’d love for you to follow along with the 2014 mantra.

Go ahead.

Get it Together and Keep it Real.


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