Friday Five – Take Eight

Friday Five Take Eight

I’m back with another Friday Five.  I missed it last week.  Truth – sometimes you just can’t muster up five positive things that were worthy of posting after a tough week.  I’ve regrouped.  I have a plan and I went to Target this week so, things are looking up!

Yes, me going to Target is worthy of a Friday Five.  When the closest one is about forty minutes away walking the aisles of Target is a true treat.  I had an early appointment just down the road from Target and took advantage of the morning to myself.  It was the perfect therapy for that moment.

Sunday was Hubs’ birthday.  As a joke I bought him Homer Simpson slippers like he had when he was a kid.  I’ve never seen him so excited over a gift before.  I really wish I would have recorded his reaction when he opened the box.  Love how something so simple made him so happy.

Thanks to my girl, Sarah, I got a fresh cut and color this week.  That always makes you feel good.

Got my The Happy Planner punch in the mail.  Love that I can customize the planner even more than already possible with my own inserts and covers now that I have a punch meant for the planner.

Looking back I’ve had a pretty productive week.  Crossing things off my to-do list always makes me feel good.

How was your week?  Share your positive using  #FridayFivewithBecka.  I’d love to hear the good from your week!

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