Five Things I’m Loving {March}

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Five Things I'm Loving March

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I’ve been on the dark jeans wagon for awhile.  I was recently browsing Loft online and saw these jeans on super sale (I think they’re still on sale too!) and thought they’d be a cute match for my tan booties now and with flats and flip flops in the spring and summer.  I love the fit and they look great with a little cuff and my booties.  I’m counting down the days until I can pair them with my favorite flip flops.


I know, I know!  I’m so late to the Gilmore Girls party!  Thanks to Netflix I’ve been binging the series.  I love life in little Stars Hollow (even though I still can’t figure out why the streets are always wet) and I just want Lorelai and Luke to get together!  Please, no spoilers!


If you follow me on Instagram you already know my love for these cute little stamps.  I have been envious of other planner girls and their sticker game but I don’t love the stickers in a planner for myself.  I’m a clean space kinda girl.  I first spotted the jar of planner stamps at Michael’s and love them.  Then I saw these emoji ones and fell even deeper in love.  I’ve been using them to document how my day has gone in my planner with a little note.  They’re only available in store and come in a cute little jar.  Go grab them before they’re gone! (photo cred to @createoften)


I love elf products because while they’re super affordable they’re also decent quality.  I was recently grabbing a new mascara in CVS and spotted their elf display.  I grabbed this matte lip color in Berry Sorbet and love it.  It applies easily with the crayon type tip and the color lasts.  For under $5 I’ll definitely be purchasing other colors.


I’ve been a gel manicure junkie for the last few years.  They were an indulgence and a treat.  And an expensive one too that never lasted the fourteen days they say they would.  I’m hard on my nails.  So, I researched and decided to invest in my own gel nail light and some polishes.  While my manicure doesn’t last as long as the professional one, it is significantly less money and I’ve gotten pretty good at painting my own nails.

What are you loving for March?

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