Friday Five

Friday Five - Take Ten

Friday Five – Take Ten

Making plans and enjoying this gorgeous weather we’ve been having in this week’s Friday Five! If you follow me on Instagram (@yellowdogpress) you’ll already know I got a new planner. My Kikki K A5 combined with the A5 Day Designer pages are awesome.  I love having the pockets and a more durable system to throw […]

Friday Five - Take Eight

Friday Five – Take Eight

I’m back with another Friday Five.  I missed it last week.  Truth – sometimes you just can’t muster up five positive things that were worthy of posting after a tough week.  I’ve regrouped.  I have a plan and I went to Target this week so, things are looking up! Yes, me going to Target is […]

Friday Five - Take Four

Friday Five – Take Four

Hello, Friday and another Friday Five.  Sharing five positive things from my week. When the hair gods mostly cooperate and allow my air dried with straightening product, put up for work, slept on, baseball hat wearing hair in the snow look pretty amazing on one side it deserves documentation.  I’m pretty sure it will never […]

Friday Five - Take Two

Friday Five – Take Two

Every Friday I recap five positive things that happened during my week.  Trying to focus on the positive for 2016! On Wednesday I used a big chunk of my day off to conquer my dresser and our closet.  Both needed some TLC and I was dreading doing it and tried to talk myself out of […]

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